Where the Seasons Come and Go

 ‘Where the Season Come & Go’ - 4th edition (with colour photos)

By Eric Bonython

Where the Seasons Come and Go - Eric BonythonThis book contains several stories, interwoven by chance and circumstance and set down by Eric Bonython because he loved the country where they took place - the Cooper country.

It tells of the days when Lutheran missionaries attempted to civilise the Aboriginies and relates the subsequent history of their land grant, which eventually passed to Major Powell and his English wife, Beryl.

Drought, creeping sand hills, flies, dust-storms and lack of capital finally drove the Powells back to Adelaide where Bonython (who had worked as a jackeroo on an adjoining property) learned of their story and marvelled at their endurance.

He made several trips back to the area with various companions, noting the amazing contrast in scenery provided by a few inches of rain. In 1951-52, he reached his goal - Lake Eyre, then in flood. His trips aroused world-wide interest and added greatly to knowledge of the inland.

This book is a memorial to the courage and faith of the early settlers, faced with conditions of appalling harshness. It is also a memorial to Eric Bonython, who shared their qualities.





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'Where the seasons come and go'